The Future of Training Updated Book Now Available

We are very pleased to announce that we have just hit publish on the July 2017 update of our popular book, The Future of Training, and it is now available for free download from the book website. Originally published in mid-2016, this latest edition released in July 2017, features new insights from highly regarded experts … Continued

How Blended Learning Models Improve Learning Outcomes

“How do we as trainers develop blended learning models, that give us a road map to meet required learning outcomes and manage the smart devices that invade our training rooms?” This question about blended learning models resonated strongly with the audience at this year’s Australian Institute of Training and Development (AITD) conference). As you can … Continued

Beating your Competitors on Training Delivery Cost

  Customer A rapidly-growing, mid-size training company based in Singapore that runs courses throughout the Asia-Pacific region. Business Issues Under pressure to reduce costs without reducing the quality of the training experience. They printed the training manuals for each course locally in Singapore, then couriered the manuals to the training location, usually a hotel or … Continued

E-learning is evolving but where is it headed?

E-learning is evolving but where is it headed? Early web based learning focused on creating a new wave of learning where interaction was no longer needed. Many training companies were shaking in their sensible shoes as they experienced the initial impact the web had on their industry. The advantages to participants were the abundance of information … Continued

Online Learning vs Face-to-Face Training

When you compare online learning vs face-to-face training, it’s clear that the future is blended Then: It was predicted that online shopping will take charge in the future and gradually all physical stores will die. eCommerce will kill shopping malls! Now: Shopping malls have grown in number and strength. Real estate agents operating in US … Continued

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