Getting the Best from Training Surveys and Polls

Training surveys

We are stating the obvious when discussing the importance of training surveys and polls. Why are they so cumbersome and seen as time wasters regardless of whether they are in a manual or digital format?

Reflecting on how I  personally respond, I must admit to being disengaged as I can see no direct benefit and possibly a better use of my time. However, we know that the information gathered through surveys and polls is liquid gold to trainers and critical to continuing improvements.

Researching the topic, I found that the typical response rate to surveys and polls was generally between 10 – 20%. Fairly unimpressive, given the amount of consideration that goes into producing them.

So, what is the magic formula to achieve poll and survey engagement in training and is it simply a time issue?

Let’s Make Training Surveys and Polls Fun!

Access Analytics’, intrepid globe-trotting trainer Jeff Robson advises “Length and timing go hand in hand and are the 2 vital ingredients to engagement in surveys and polls.”

Training Surveys and Polls Best Practice

Jeff, has extensive international training experience and is an active Prezentt user. He achieves a regular 70%+ engagement by attendees and has shared his magic formula:

  1. Five (5) well worded questions are generally all you need. Less is best and consider how they appear on screen. Take advantage of Prezentt’s custom polls and surveys
  2. Consider what you are evaluating and be specific about its purpose
  3. If you are measuring content uptake, design your questions around learning outcomes
  4. If you are measuring trainer performance, design your questions around delivery not necessarily around personality
  5. Consider timing. The “60 second survey challenge” works brilliantly and makes it fun. If you are doing a post course survey, give attendees the challenge just before you deliver your summary at the end of the session. Remember polls and surveys can be utiilised before during and after courses and you can apply the same principle
  6. Use Prezentt as its polls and surveys are accessed via attendee resource material with one click and the great advantage is they can be customised. Perfect!

Take advantage of Prezentt’s custom polls and surveys

If you have other strategies it would be great to hear from you or contact us to take advantage of Prezentt’s custom polls and surveys, just leave your details below.



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