The Future of Training Updated Book Now Available

We are very pleased to announce that we have just hit publish on the revised edition of our popular book, “The Future of Training”, and it is now available for free download from the book website. Originally published in mid-2016, this latest edition has been recently updated and now features new insights from highly regarded … Continued

Benefits of Ongoing Staff Training and Development

Ongoing staff training and development could be one of the best investments your business ever makes! Staff training and development pays major dividends: improved staff morale, greater productivity, reduced turnover … and many more. Yet during challenging times, some employers reduce training, or even scrap it completely. This is a classic example of false economy! This … Continued

How to Market Training Courses to Increase Success

By the time you’ve finished organizing your new educational training course, you now realize that your target audience don’t just show up because you say it’s in their best interest. You now have to use one of the world’s many effective marketing strategies to ensure your wonderful course is truly appreciated, fully booked and profitable. … Continued

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