Are you a Tech Early Adopter ?

“What tech platforms do you have in place, and what’s been your approach?

A question often asked by inquiring clients. The response is usually a combination of the fast and sometimes furious, and it’s evident there has been a substantial investment in standard and bespoke technology. However, the trainee experience is often over looked and its value rarely included in the Return on Investment (ROI) review, but in reality, a critical component to success.

So where to from here?

Realigning your ROI to include the learning experience is the game changer in today’s training and development sector. This combined approach of, what learners are wanting to experience, what’s current and what’s needed, gives decision makers invaluable insight into the sustainability of their business.

In her LinkedIn article, Dr Whitney Kilgore, Co-Founder & Chief Academic Officer at i Design discusses how critical it is for instructional designers to shift their emphasis from User Experience (UX) to Learner Experience (LX). The UX term was coined by Don Norman, Apple’s VP in 2005, who advocated that technology must evolve to place users first, resulting in Apple selling 42 million iPods in the same year.

However, in 2017 digital devices are mainstream and, learners are demanding the additional LX factor from their trainers. The Future of Training lies with those trainers and organisations who utillise interactive training delivery platforms that blend technology and face to face training as the Australian developed platform Prezentt does.

This early adopter approach to technology in the new era of student centric education delivers the commercial advantage of learner envy for those aligning with technology. Being an early adopter may deliver the training and development sector an experience similar to Apple’s, an exciting prospect for those wanting to step out from the crowd.



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