New Technologies Saving Time, Adding Value

What new technologies help time management and add value to the learning experience?

A recent case study revealed that with 20 attendees you could conservatively lose 40 minutes of training delivery time. Add in a session with three presenters and it becomes a terrifying thought when you have content to get through and a room full of eager listeners!

Not so long ago, we ran a pilot with AITD and trainer Matt Mason who utilises technology where practical. He found his smart watch quite handy on this occasion as it came into play with Prezentt’s Q&A functionality. Questions fed directly into his email and enabled him to “at time” interact and deliver a dynamic session for attendees. Visions of Inspector Gadget, a millennials favourite cartoon, came to mind and made me think about how the smart phone has evolved.

new technologies

The Evolution of the Digital Watch

The first Digital watch was developed by Pulsar and hit the market in 1972. Two years ago the slick design and amazing functionality of the Apple Watch entered the market and changed the way we interacted with wearable digital devices. Apple had 63% of the 21.1-million-unit market as at Dec 2016 with the new Series 3 launched this year. Oddly enough the smart watch is considered a less visually disruptive device and certainly Strategy Analyst Neil Mawston confirms strong growth and uptake.

New technologies that enhance training delivery are experiential platforms such as Prezentt that integrate seamlessly with smart devices. The Smart Watch adds that next level of integration and certainly impacts positively in training delivery. You guessed it, I am taking Matt’s lead with a Series 3 purchase soon!

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