5 Top Tips and Tricks for Trainers

If you want to run effortless training we have some ideas on how to get you there. Follow our 5 top tips and tricks to take the stress out of delivering your next training session.     1. Resource overkill Put your resource material under the microscope. Less is best and as training progresses you … Continued

Getting the Best from Training Surveys and Polls

We are stating the obvious when discussing the importance of training surveys and polls. Why are they so cumbersome and seen as time wasters regardless of whether they are in a manual or digital format? Reflecting on how I  personally respond, I must admit to being disengaged as I can see no direct benefit and … Continued

Running International Training Courses Without Printing!

  Prezentt Co-Founder Jeff Robson travels quite a bit, delivering international training courses without the hassle of printing materials, rather using Prezentt. His most recent experience and how Prezentt saved the day comes to mind: Jeff, was running back-to-back international training courses in India, Papua New Guinea (finishing on Friday), then another course in Perth, Western … Continued

New Technologies Saving Time, Adding Value

What new technologies help time management and add value to the learning experience? A recent case study revealed that with 20 attendees you could conservatively lose 40 minutes of training delivery time. Add in a session with three presenters and it becomes a terrifying thought when you have content to get through and a room … Continued

Are you a Tech Early Adopter ?

“What tech platforms do you have in place, and what’s been your approach? A question often asked by inquiring clients. The response is usually a combination of the fast and sometimes furious, and it’s evident there has been a substantial investment in standard and bespoke technology. However, the trainee experience is often over looked and its … Continued

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