5 Top Tips and Tricks for Trainers

If you want to run effortless training we have some ideas on how to get you there. Follow our 5 top tips and tricks to take the stress out of delivering your next training session.




1. Resource overkill

Put your resource material under the microscope.

Less is best and as training progresses you can add additional resources into Prezentt on the fly.

Remember to review the formatting for your Slides, Documents and Links  and check how it looks  from the attendee’s view.

There’s lots of  functionality in the hamburger icon at the bottom right hand side of your Prezentt trainer’s view.

2. Have your Prezentt PZTT link ready

There is always someone in the room that is unprepared, a surprise participant or hasn’t had time to sign up. Give everyone the  60-second Prezentt sign in/set up challenge as part of your Power Point or Prezi housekeeping slide.

3. Check the WiFi stability

I have a tool kit that travels with me everywhere. It’s an array of adapters, charges and WiFi dongles for the just in case.

Data sim cards are readily available at airports for travelling trainers and remember to charge all your devices.

4. Prezentt Set up

It’s not unusual for training and presentaion timing to be off schedule with speaker overruns, Q&A and even those unexpected fire drills.

Add some extra time in your presentation setup in Prezentt and consider adding a summary slide that you can quickly flick to as part of your presentation if time becomes and issue. It  gives you a great sense of control.

5. Don’t under estimate the power of social media

Social media can be a powerful learning tool, even for instructor-led training. Prezentt’s Chat enables you to create your learning community. Create pre-work activities like reading links, youtube, or a custom  pre-course questionnaire in your Prezentt platform.

If you have any great tips, we would love to hear from you. Share your tips on our LinkedIn page.

Happy Prezentting!




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