E-learning is evolving but where is it headed?

E-learning is evolving but where is it headed?

Early web based learning focused on creating a new wave of learning where interaction was no longer needed. Many training companies were shaking in their sensible shoes as they experienced the initial impact the web had on their industry. The advantages to participants were the abundance of information available anywhere, at any time and the substantially reduced cost. The disadvantages, lack of interaction, loss of motivation and reduced intuitive problem solving.

A recent publication by James Bowers and Poonam Kumar of Saginaw Wally State University USA, “Students’ Perceptions of Teaching and Social Preference: Creative Learning Strategies, A Comparative Analysis of Face to Face and Online Learning Environments”, found the main impact and concern regarding sole online learning was the substantial increase in student drop out rate due to lack of social interaction and teacher presence.

This measured impact has put force to rethink our approach to how we deliver learning and contrary to embracing this “out with the old and in with the new” there has been the realization that combined methodology that blends technology, instructor led learning and experience are key to sustainable learning.E-learning is evolving but where is it headed

The evolution of Blended Learning

The combined methodology creates the best of all worlds and Charles Jenning, Co-founder of the 70:20:10 Institute Strategy, refers to blended learning as the optimal learning experience. Their successful model based on 70% of learning through experience, 20% watching others and 10% through formal learning, is considered a blended learning benchmark.

Blended learning models, support critical thinking due to the interactive instructor led component. The probing and questioning that come from interaction, substantially increases aptitude in problem solving, information retention and comprehension.

The challenge, we face as trainers and educators is creating the right blended training model to fit our discipline. To find out more about the future of training using the blended learning model as used by the training team at Prezentt click here.

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