Free Download: Attendee Names Randomizer Utility makes Courses more fun!

Trainers are always looking for ideas to make their courses more engaging, more interactive and more fun.

So we’ve made a little Randomizer utility to help, using the attendance register information recorded by Prezentt.

Although you could use any list of attendees, Prezentt records the names of all those who attend a training course automatically … so why not use these details and incorporate them into your training!

There’s nothing that holds an attendee’s attention than seeing their own name on the screen!  It also makes it more meaningful and fun!

Introducing the Randomizer

You can use our handy randomizer utility with a list of your attendee names for things like:

  • Dividing attendees into groups for activities, case studies or learning games.
  • Choosing a leader or spokesperson for each group or selecting one individual at random.
  • Assigning values to each person e.g. to make exercises more fun, to allocate resources, or to decide group order.


All you need is Excel 2007 or later plus a little understanding of how to use Excel Tables.  PC or Mac are both fine.  You could even use this utility in a tablet, phone or on the web.

Use your Imagination!

Let us know how you use the Randomizer and feel free to modify it if you wish to suit your needs.

It’s only limited by your imagination!

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