Top Reasons for Moving to Paperless Training

Don’t waste your time & money printing training notes. Move to paperless training instead!

Imagine the amount of presentation notes provided just for one training session and all the preparation and administration work put into compiling and printing them all. In this modern era, isn’t it about time you thought about adopting a paperless training process, one that will save both the environment and your time?

Prezentt’s training delivery platform enables paperless training courses, in-person workshops, and seminars all the time!

Here are four great reasons to adopt a paperless training presentation.

Cut Paperwork! Cut Hassle

You already know the work your administrative team has to go through when it comes to organising and preparing a training course: data entry of attendees’ details, chasing trainers for their materials, organising the printing & binding, couriering everything to the right place … the list goes on.

All the administration time, cost and hassle of printed training materials can be massively reduced by using Prezentt. Use the time currently spent on these tasks for more important activities. Your company could save hundreds of thousands of dollars every year or maybe more!

How about when presenters make an error in their notes, which have already been printed? The administrative team would have to shred all that paper, and reprint them all over again. With Prezentt’s paperless training delivery platform, trainers can make as many changes as they like at any time!

Photo: Samuel Mann, Flickr
Photo: Samuel Mann, Flickr

Save Cost

Another top reason why you should be moving towards a paperless training presentation is the money you save on materials as well as labour.

What takes a two-man team to complete over an entire day, can easily be cut down to just a few minutes for one person.

Engage More

Think of all of the time spent at the beginning of your course, when you register attendees, collect their details, and provide handouts.  Wouldn’t it be great if all this could just occur auto-magically?

Consider how powerful it would be to have your attendees fully engaged, using their devices to add to their training, not detract from it.

Imagine effortlessly collecting feedback from your attendees (that you can read & instantly analyse) then connecting with them all after the course so you can enjoy ongoing engagement with them.

If you’re a training company, think about how wonderful it would be if you could monitor all the courses you run all over the world, directly from your office.

This is the power of paperless training!

Save Paper = Save Earth

We all know that paper is a crushed wood product made with the addition of energy, chemicals and water. Many of these chemicals used in the creation of paper have harmful effects on the environment and sometimes, humans.

By using Prezentt’s paperless training delivery platform, you are saving the world by reducing the amount of presentation printouts. By eliminating the paper prints, you will be reducing the use of wood, which allow our forests to serve a more important role.

Top Reasons You Should be Moving Towards a Paperless Training Presentation
Photo: FutUndBeidl, Flickr

In Summary

Prezentt makes it easy for you and your attendees to use and it is easy for people to connect with you even out of the training presentation.

So what are you waiting for? Get rid of paper printing, paper wastage as well as paper cuts and get on board with Prezentt’s paperless training delivery platform today!

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