The top 3 TED Talks all Presenters should see

There are many great TED presentations.

If you’re a presenter, or involved in public speaking some way, make sure you watch these 3 key TED talks:

1. How to Speak to that People want to Listen (9:58)


Julian Treasure details the key things speakers should practice if they want people to listen.  Includes some fantastic tips on handy vocal exercises plus how to speak with empathy.

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2. How I Beat Stage Fright (8:03)

Joe Kowan tells what to do when the sweaty palms, shaking hands and overwhelming urge to run away hit you right before you go on stage.

His stage fright was so real, he wrote a song about it!

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3. How Great Leaders Inspire Action (18:04)


Simon Sinek shows a simple yet incredibly powerful model for inspiring business, leadership and speaking.  Put the “Why?” in your communication.

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Bonus: Talk Nerdy to me (4:34)


Melissa Marshall shares how to present complex, technical ideas to general audiences in a way they will pay attention and understand.

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