Prezentt Listed in World’s top 30 Presentation Tools

Prezentt Listed in World's top 30 Presentation Tools
Leading presentation platform, Bizzabo, has included Prezentt in their list of the top 30 Presentation Tools that will wow Audiences.
According to Bizzabo, “Neither the venue, nor the celebrity cache of your speakers matters if your attendees feel like they aren’t getting value from attending your event. If you promise them world class talks that will help them improve their business, then you better deliver.”
To deliver real value to attendees, presenters need a killer presentation, great presentation skills, and in today’s digital age, they also need great presentation technology.
This is where Prezentt really shines!
Prezentt provides a massive boost in the value both presenters and attendees get from presentation by adding online interactivity to PowerPoint, Keynote and Prezi presentations.
This gives attendees the ability to download slides and other files during the presentation, share slides on social media, take notes & ask questions electronically, and participate in online discussions.
Attendees love it since they can participate in a conversation with the presenter, they can easily find all their notes again in future, plus there’s no more waiting around for slide decks.
Event producers benefit from the huge reduction in printing costs and administrative time, plus it removes the headache of having to chase presenters for their slides.

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