Prezentt Launches the future in Presentations

Keynote speakers from a range of industries gathered to celebrate the launch of Prezentt, hailed as “the future of presentations” at a party at Spacecubed last week.

Prezentt is designed to enable presenters to connect with audiences during presentations, and is used by a wide variety of speakers at conferences, seminars, training, lectures, fund-raising events and even sermons.

Prezentt co-founder Jeff Robson says that Prezentt gives presenters the opportunity to achieve greater engagement and return from audiences.

“Presenters put in a huge effort to create great presentations – yet they just aren’t getting anything like the return they need to justify that time,” said Robson.

“We have now delivered the technology that makes a substantial difference for both presenters and their audiences.”

The launch was hosted by award winning broadcaster and media consultant Tom Murrell.

Murrell says that Prezentt helps presenters achieve greater value out of their presentations.

“In the past, presenters have been frustrated by how hard it is to get value out of their presentations,” Murrell said.

“Prezentt solves this problem which is why I’ve chosen to become a lifetime subscriber.”

Prezentt’s goal is to revolutionise presentations worldwide so that presenters and audiences achieve greater value from presentations through more sales, greater audience engagement, increased sharing and more followers.

Managing Director of News Corp (WA), The Sunday Times and PerthNow, Michelle D’Almeida said engagement is the single biggest measure of success for business.  “Prezentt is emerging as the everyday utility for presenters who want to increase their engagement,” she said.

Prezentt co-founders Justin Davies and Jeff Robson demonstrated how Prezentt helps presenters to connect and engage with their audience by showing some of the future features that are planned in the Prezentt roadmap.

Prezentt is in daily use by many presenters from companies such as NewsCorp, RSM Bird Cameron, SaaSu, Access Analytic, and Pitcher Partners.

Prezentt is currently offering a free account that allows presenters to give four presentations a year.

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