Prezentt-ing Training


Prezentt is the perfect companion for face-to-face Training Courses

The more control you, the presenter, have over your audience, the more likely they are to do what you tell them.

So in a training situation, once you’ve organised WiFi access, you can easily say to everyone “We’re using Prezentt today since it enables you to access my slides straight away, take notes, and ask questions.”

“Most likely, I’ll also create other files and content during the training course and I’ll be uploading them into Prezentt.”

“So I’ll just give you a few moments to login.  Just go to this address”

You can then wander around the room, help people if they need it, and once everyone is logged in, you can continue the training course.

This makes it so much easier to:

  • Send your notes (Prezentt e-mails them to everyone automatically)
  • Distribute files & content you create during the training course (e.g. files that contain everyone’s input, extras to help answer unexpected questions, or any last minute things you forgot)
  • Gather contact details from everyone (no need to manually enter their business cards). This is particularly useful if you’re running training for another company.
Your attendees can even record and report their Continuing Professional Development (CPD) hours.

So why not use Prezentt for your next internal/public training session!

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