Successful, Paperless Face-to-Face Training FAQ


Q: What tech do I need to run a paperless face-to-face training course?

Each delegate plus the trainer will need access to WiFi plus either a laptop (preferable) or a tablet.  Delegates can either bring their own devices, or these can be supplied by the training company.

Q: I’m worried about the delegates distributing my course materials far and wide. How secure are the training materials?

We recommend the following settings in Prezentt:

  • Unlisted presentation: to stop anyone from accidentally discovering the course materials
  • PIN access code (coming soon) that is only given out at the start of the course: to restrict who can access the course materials
  • Time-limited login (coming soon) that prevents a first-login after a certain time e.g. 1 hour after the course starts: to limit the risk of someone forwarding their login to a friend

Furthermore, trainers shouldn’t put all their interesting and clever content into the course materials. Instead, they should hold some back so that delegates must write this down.

This not only increases learning, it also limits the usefulness of the course notes on their own.

If your course notes standalone, why are you there to explain them?

Q: I’m worried that everyone will just be checking their e-mail or Facebook all day

Only if the course is boring or not relevant for them! Although this is a common concern, in-practice, delegates who are interested in the course content pay attention when the content is presented in an engaging way.

However, just because someone is checking their e-mail or viewing something on the web doesn’t mean they’re not interested! They may have a critical e-mail they need to answer/send, they could be Tweeting about how great the course is, or they might be further researching the content being presented.  It could be a good thing!

Today’s generation is used to multi-tasking so don’t be offended if someone is checking e-mail or on social media.  You probably do the same thing while your delegates are all busy.

Q: What if the WiFi fails?

The trainer can continue presenting their course materials without any requirement for web access so the course can still proceed.

If WiFi is unavailable for only a short time, it doesn’t matter as the trainer can continue with other activities.

You may wish to organise a backup Internet connection however if WiFi is not going to be available for the entire course.

Q: How long do delegates have access to the course materials?

There are no time limits. Delegates have 24×7 access to all their notes plus the course materials indefinitely.

This also allows them to ask questions and stay in touch with the trainer if they wish to.

Q: How do the delegates get access? Is there any cost for them?

All the delegates need to do is click on a link you e-mail to them.

If they’re new to Prezentt, they’ll need to setup an account (only need to do this once) and they can use social media to set this up with just a couple of clicks.

Everything runs in any modern web browser so there’s nothing to download or install.

Prezentt is 100% free for all delegates and there are no ads either.

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