What does the Future of Training look like?

Technology is radically changing the way training is delivered in the online, offline and blended spheres.

So how do training professionals prepare themselves, and stay on top of all the options?

We’ve been busy putting together an ebook to share with you on this very topic. Prezentt CEO, Jeff Robson, a professional trainer with more than 14 years’ experience in professional training, has written a thought provoking view into the future of training.

According to the recent Training Industry Report by Training Magazine, 74% of companies currently use Learning management systems (LMS) and Virtual classroom tools, and 44% of companies intend to purchase online learning tools and systems.

The marketplace is full of various options, which cover all parts of the training delivery spectrum, however it’s very important to understand where you need to focus on, for your own training needs.

We are very excited to announce the book is now available for free, from the book website, http://futureof.training

Future of Training eBook
Future of Training eBook

Prezentt CEO and Author of The Future of Training, Jeff Robson says “Both training companies and in-house trainers within enterprises are changing the way they deliver course materials.” said Jeff “This book highlights the benefits and drawbacks of different methods and provides readers with an insight into what the future may hold for training companies and trainers.”

We encourage you to grab your copy now. Know a colleague who may find it interesting? We would appreciate you sharing the book website address.

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