Mobile and app development options

One of the challenges in developing an application to meet the needs of a wide variety of audiences is how to best distribute and provide access to the technology.

It is to this end that our product team has been debating the virtues of adding mobile apps to the delivery of our application.

When we set out (for those that may be interested) we set our architecture based upon HTML5 delivery with the software running Ruby on Rails. The purpose here was to ensure consistent coding across multiple platforms – IOS, Android and Windows.

A key consideration is ease of use, so we will now be adding an IOS mobile application into the mix – primarily to make the access the application easier for users. Once we have learnt how best to deploy this for IOS, we will then add an Android version.

We are always interested in your views – which would you prefer and why? Hit us up @prezentt to join the conversation…


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