50 Awesome Presentation Designs from Canva

The bar has really been lifted when it comes to expectations on slide design. There is greater pressure than ever before to have a great looking slide deck, rather than the traditional bullet point style that comes with presentation software.

At Prezentt, we are big fans of Canva. If you haven’t tried it yet, Canva allows you to easily create beautiful presentation designs and all sorts of other documents. It is a cloud-based service that is intended to make it easy for everyone to create stunning designs.

The cloud-based service is free – you only pay for stock photos or particular layout and graphic items if you need them.

They now offer an online Design School

(again, free) to help with understanding the choices of fonts, colours, layouts and so on. With so many choices (and without 3 years of design training!) it is often better to start with a template and customise to your needs. There are two of those fifty designs here so you can get an idea of how great they look…


Canva has just released 50 Branding Kits for Your Startup – and in each, there is a great presentation design. So whilst you may not wish to completely change all your branding, it is highly likely that you can find something to suit your brand and tweak it to make it fit. Or if your brand is a bit tired and in need of an update – problem solved!


Once you have designed your presentation, it is one click to save to PDF.

You can then upload your new glorious presentation to Prezentt to add online interactivity and interaction for your great new presentation.

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