Prezentt is incredibly useful for courses during the session.  Here are a few of its many uses:

Unexpected Questions

Provide extra files and links to answer unexpected questions by simply uploading them into Prezentt so everyone has immediate access.

Accidentally Forgot a File?

No problems.  Simply upload it into Prezentt and immediately everyone has access.

Brainstorming Notes

Capture these electronically in a Word or Excel file, then upload to Prezentt.  Alternatively, have the group write them on butcher’s paper or a white board, then take photos & upload these to Prezentt.

Group Discussions

Enable the Discussion feature to allow everyone in the room to make comments that all other attendees can see.

Group Photos

Upload to Prezentt so everyone has access.

Progress Check

Use the Question functionality in Prezentt to get each person to send you their top 3 learnings from the last session, action items, or summary of the session in their own words, so you can check their progress.

Polls, Surveys & Assessment Tests

We have built-in surveys plus you can add your own custom surveys too.



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