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Get rid of paper feedback forms, assessment tests and manual polls. Move everything online with Prezentt surveys!

This provides many benefits:

  • Save time and money by not printing
  • Remove ambiguity as well as the need for any data entry
  • Surveys become powerful marketing tools that sell more courses for you by getting your attendees to share their favorable reviews with their social networks

Surveys, assessments and polls can be used before the course, at the end of the course, or at any stage throughout the course to gather feedback, assess understanding of the topic, or obtain input from participants.

You can have as many surveys, tests and polls as you like.


  1. Ensure you’ve completed the setup of your Organization.  Surveys use your logo, social media image, and website for social sharing of attendee comments.
  2. Ensure your presentation has been added to your Organization.

Built-in Surveys & Polls

Prezentt has some pre-built surveys and polls that you can use to gather pre and post-course feedback.

You can also design your own custom surveys and polls.

(Pre-built course evaluation form – partial screenshot)

Creating a Survey



More Information:

Overview | Pre-course QuestionnairesAdding a Survey | Completing a Survey | Analyzing Survey Results | Custom Surveys | Survey Editor

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