30 Tips for Public Speaking Success

Miles Burke is the founder and MD of Australian-based employee pulse survey start-up, 6Q. Their mission is to make happier, more productive teams across the globe, and since March this year, they have been proudly building a diverse client base from technology start-ups to ASX listed public companies. In this article, he shares his 30 Tips for … Continued

Why Great Speakers Move Purposefully

Suzanne Waldron is a Behavioural Change Specialist and Keynote Speaker . In this article she shares her most important tip for creating a commanding stage presence: move purposefully!  Enjoy! Justin — As you’re reading this, I encourage you to imagine yourself as a person in the audience at a conference or other type of event. Just … Continued

50 Awesome Presentation Designs from Canva

The bar has really been lifted when it comes to expectations on slide design. There is greater pressure than ever before to have a great looking slide deck, rather than the traditional bullet point style that comes with presentation software. At Prezentt, we are big fans of Canva. If you haven’t tried it yet, Canva … Continued

7 Ways to Make your Meetings More Productive

On average, we all spend 37% of our time in meetings and presentations. If you’re in management, that figure could easily be much higher.  It also doesn’t include time spent in meeting follow-up or preparation. Given that meetings and presentations are such a big part of every company, any improvements you can make will have … Continued

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