Universities: Deliver Content beyond your LMS

For universities & their students, a Learning Management System (LMS) is great for providing access to static content.

Prezentt extends the LMS’ capabilities by making content interactive, enabling students to take their own private notes, ask private questions.

You can even deliver this content to students who aren’t in your LMS.

Step 1

1. Upload

Upload training files & links

Step 2

2. Send

Send the Prezentt link to participants


3. Present

Using any presentation software & upload any created content


4. Interact

Participants access materials, take notes, ask questions & discuss


5. Track

Always know who attended each session


6.  Connect

Download participants’ details & connect

More Amazing Features & Benefits

  • Record attendance across all sessions so you can detect potential dropouts early and take action to retain them.
  • } Lecturers & tutors can make late changes any time until about 30 min before the session starts: perfect for fixing last-minute mistakes or changes.
  • Add customized branding for different schools or events.
  • i No limit on the files or materials your lecturers and tutors can upload.
  • ~ Protect your valuable Intellectual Property with a range of privacy settings.
  • Access to all your raw data so you can bring this into your business intelligence systems for reporting and analysis.
  • Prezentt scales up so you can run thousands of courses per year.



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