Prezentt aims to be the world’s leading Training Delivery Platform

Are you the same as you were a year ago?

Prezentt has re-launched as a training delivery platform that makes instructor-led courses much cheaper, easier to run, and more effective.

Prezentt is a web-based platform that allows attendees to access a presenter’s slides and other files/links during the event so they can download copies, make notes, and ask questions.

After initially focussing on individual presentations, Prezentt found they were just too short to really make full use of the platform.

“We had a few thousand people using the system, but unfortunately, it hadn’t taken off the way we’d hoped as the value it added to a 30 minute presentation often wasn’t enough to justify the effort or the cost,” according to Co-Founder, Jeff Robson.

The bright spot was training however.

“Trainers loved it! On a longer training course, it’s not a big a deal to spend a few minutes at the start getting everyone up and running with the system.  But it’s a different story if you’re giving a 30 minute presentation,” Robson said.

Prezentt also found some big pain points with many training companies:

  1. Printing and distributing training materials.
  2. Capturing attendee details & connecting with them

“Most training manuals on public courses are still delivered using paper at a cost of $10 – $100 per person, depending on the number of pages and quality,” Robson said.

“Prezentt can take this cost as low as $2 per person, thereby providing massive savings in printing costs as well as administration time. In a larger training company, this quickly adds up to hundreds of thousands or even millions of dollars in savings every year,” he said.

“Getting details of who’s actually present in the room is also often difficult due to late changes, but Prezentt captures everyone’s details effortlessly,” Robson continued.

So Prezentt listened to their customers and pivoted to focus on the training market.

As a training delivery platform, Prezentt added some training-specific features:

  • Ability to share files and links immediately with everyone in the room to allow trainers to answer unexpected questions or share content created during the course.
  • Organizational branding under multiple brands to allow training companies to personalize the experience for their attendees
  • Detection of attendees’ rave reviews then an automatic prompt to share these with their social networks, providing powerful word-of-mouth advertising for training companies.

The education and training sector is growing at 5.1% in Australia (IBISWorld 2016), with 25% of the population aged between 15-64 (3.9m people) currently undertaking some form of study (NCVER 2015).

Digital disruption is forecast to require re-training as 40% of jobs in western economies are forecast to be replaced in the next 10-20 years (CEDA 2015).

“The opportunities are massive and the reception from training companies has been incredibly positive, with customers contacting us from all over the world.  It’s an exciting journey as we want to be the world’s leading training delivery platform. Stay tuned,” Robson said.


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