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You can send a pre-course questionnaire (PCQ) to your attendees to find out:

  • What their level of competency is
  • What things they’re interested in most
  • What experience they’ve had

Built-in PCQ

Prezentt has a simple PCQ built-in.

Pre-course Questionnaire Sample

Custom PCQ

You can customize this or design your own using our Survey Editor.

Adding a PCQ to a Presentation

Select Surveys and Polls from the top-right Presentation menu.

Surveys and Polls

Click , choose “Pre-course survey” from the dropdown list, give your survey a name, then click Create

Your PCQ is ready to go.  Click Preview the Survey to see what it looks like.

How do Attendees access the PCQ?

Simply send your presentation link to your attendees.

Create Presentation - Short URL

Provided the course hasn’t started yet, they’ll be invited to complete the PCQ survey.


If they don’t already have a Prezentt account, they’ll need to create this in order to complete the survey.


More Information:

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