1. Internet Access

Ensure Internet access is available on all devices being used in the session.

If accessing via WiFi, make the details available to all attendees (e.g. on-screen, white board, printout etc).

Prezentt itself doesn’t require a lot of bandwidth as each image is relatively small but if you have a larger group all downloading large files from Prezentt, the bandwidth requirements will be much higher.

2. Introduce Prezentt

Either the speaker or the chairperson would normally do this:

  • Use the sample slides to introduce Prezentt to your attendees.
  • Show the pz.tt link to your presentation on screen for late registrations, substitutions or for those attendees who have lost the intro e-mail
  • Bring up Prezentt on your screen and walk through the key functions:
    • Accessing the slides, files & links
    • Asking a question & taking notes
    • Mention there will be an automatic e-mail at the end of the session to provide a link back to access the notes they take, plus the slides & materials
  • Ensure everyone has successfully logged in and can access the materials

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