Here’s what we suggest you should do to ensure a successful course:

1. Communications


Let your attendees know you won’t be handing out paper notes because everything will be provided online via Prezentt.  Include this information in the course advertising materials.

Some organizers give attendees the option of receiving paper notes for an additional fee, or offering a discount if they say no to paper notes.

Attendee Communications

Corporate/Enterprise accounts: Prezentt will automatically e-mail details of your course to everyone when you Import their details.  Alternatively, you can send manual e-mails.

To send further reminders, download the data from the Import page so you can filter who to send to.

Individual accounts: you’ll need to do this manually.  For the initial e-mails, can use the text we provide when you press the Finish button after editing a presentation.

The e-mails introduce the attendee to Prezentt and let them know what they need to do.

Speaker Communication

Corporate/Enterprise accounts: once you’ve setup your speakers in Prezentt and setup the presentation for the course, ensure your speakers know how to get access, what they need to do, and how this benefits them:

Hi ___

To cut down our paper usage and provide a better experience for our attendees, we’ve adopted the Prezentt system for all our courses.

Prezentt is an online system that provides secure online access to all the materials for the attendees.

Speakers love it since it let you make late changes to your materials, there’s no need to burn & distribute CDs or USBs, and you automatically collect contact details of every attendee.

Attendees love it since it allows them to take notes electronically, ask questions and connect with you during the event.


Your course materials are secured in several ways: the location is private, Prezentt records the details of everyone who access them, and a PIN can also be used for further protection.

During the event

If you wish, you can use Prezentt during the event to upload new content e.g. photos, results of group discussions, and extra files/links to answer unexpected questions.  All materials uploaded to Prezentt are immediately available to all the attendees at the event.

How do I use it?

Simply login, complete your profile, and upload your materials.

2. Room Setup


If you’re using a dedicated computer training room, ensure the computers can access the Internet and specifically the website.

If everyone is bringing their own device, ensure WiFi is available and that the speaker also has access (e.g. to upload content created during the course).

In the unlikely event that Internet isn’t available or is disrupted, ensure you have a backup plan (e.g. PDF of notes on USB/CD).


Ensure there is power to each attendee’s desk so they can plug their device in.

3. Moderator/Chairperson

Corporate/Enterprise accounts: send the Moderator link from the Edit Presentation page & explain what you want your moderator to do i.e. check the page regularly, pick the best questions and ask these on behalf of the attendees.



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