Add organization presenters

Connect a Presenter

This allows you to select a presenter who is already setup with an account in Prezentt.

The presenter doesn’t need to have been setup by you.  They could have setup their own account independently.

A presenter can be connected to many different organizations.

What does connecting do?

When you connect to an existing presenter, all the organization administrators will be able to setup presentations on the presenter’s behalf.

This allows you to split the administration tasks from delivering the presentation, which is very useful for those with administrative assistants.

If you’ve uploaded a logo for your organization, all presentations created or connected by your administrators will show your logo.

Create a Presenter

This lets you setup new presenters who aren’t already in the Prezentt system.  Once they’re setup, your administrators can create presentations on their behalf that will be branded with your organization logo.

Note that all presenters can be connected to multiple organizations.


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