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How does Prezentt work?

Prezentt complements your existing presentation software (e.g. PowerPoint, Keynote, Prezi etc) – it doesn’t replace this.


1. Upload Your Slides & Materials

Before the course, upload a PDF copy of the slides into Prezentt, type a few details about the course, add any other files & links you want to share with your attendees.  You can add pre and post-course surveys too.

2. Send

Send a short link to your attendees to give them access.  Don’t worry, they can’t access the materials until the date/time you specify.

3. Present

You present exactly as you normally do, using PowerPoint, Keynote, Prezi etc.

At any time during the session, you can upload additional materials, which are then immediately available to all your attendees e.g. discussion notes, answers to case studies, extra files etc.

4. Interact

During the session, your attendees use Prezentt on their laptop/tablet/phone to access the materials you’ve put into Prezentt.

Participants can also take their own private notes, ask questions, and participate in online discussions.

At the end of the session, Prezentt automatically e-mails the participants with links to their notes and the course materials so they can easily find these later.

5. Share

You can also provide the evaluation forms online and Prezentt will prompt all those participants who give rave reviews to share their review on their social media, thereby creating a very powerful marketing tool for future courses.

6. Connect

You can download all the contact details of all the participants so you can import them into your other systems (e.g. CRM, mailing list, Excel etc) and connect on social media.


I’m worried that the audience will be too distracted if they have Internet access
People multi-task when they’re doing just about everything.

Assuming they’re attending your event because they’re interested in your topic however, most of these distractions will be put off until there’s a lull in proceedings.

Of course, if you’re boring or the topic isn’t relevant and then yes, people will be looking at their e-mails or Facebook … but they do this now anyway.

What if I don’t want participants to see the comments from other participants?
No problem – you can turn this off in your presentation settings (“Discussions”).

In some sessions, having everyone being able to participate in online discussions is really useful but this doesn’t suit everyone, so just switch it off.

I would like to have a custom-branded company version multiple speakers delivering multiple sessions.
Prezentt supports both individual speakers as well as organizations with multiple brands and logos.

Does Prezentt replace PowerPoint?
No. It complements PowerPoint, Keynote or Prezi by providing functionality that makes them all much more useful.

Presenters continue to use their favorite presentation software to deliver their sessions.

I’m concerned about the security of putting my materials onto the Internet.

No system is foolproof however we’ve tried to strike a balance between ease-of-access for attendees, and security over intellectual property for presenters.

As such, materials on Prezentt are protected in several ways:

  1. A user must have the correct link to find them – they won’t ever be included in Google’s search results.
  2. You can use Prezentt’s security settings to turn off “Download Slides” and make it difficult for an attendee to download your materials.
  3. If you’re using the Corporate account, you can also add a PIN, which you’d only give out on the day of the event to those in the room.  This PIN expires at the end of your event and thereby further protects your materials.

File formats – what can Prezentt accept?
You upload your slides to Prezentt in PDF format. Virtually all presentation software including PowerPoint, Keynote, Google Docs and Prezi (see How to Save a Prezi as PDF) can create PDF documents.

What sized files can I upload?
There is no limit.  Once you upload your presentation we optimize each slide so that it works well regardless of whether viewed on a phone, tablet, laptop or desktop.

Will Prezentt change any of my formatting or fonts?
No, everything will look exactly the same as it does on your computer. All your formatting is stored in the PDF.

Can attendees click ahead in my slides?
Yes, it’s possible (same as if you’d given a paper handout). In practice, attendees rarely skip ahead because your slides generally don’t make sense without you explaining them.

In addition, the attendees are often taking notes against each slide. This is another reason why they’re more likely to follow along at the same rate as the speaker, rather than skipping ahead.

What should I do if I want to surprise my attendees or have some confidential information?
The best way to do this is not include the slide in the slide-deck that you upload to Prezentt.

Include it only in your presentation that you deliver using PowerPoint or Keynote.

What if I don’t use slides in my sessions?
You can upload a single title slide, then still use Prezentt to let your audience interact with you, connect with you, and access other links and files you’d like to make available or that you create during the presentation.

Is Prezentt useful in small groups or when I know all the attendees?
Definitely!  Prezentt provides a great way to share your slides, links and other files immediately.

It’s also a fantastic way to share content that is created during the session e.g. group discussions, files/links to answer unexpected questions etc.

In addition, it allows the participants to take notes, market your upcoming courses to their social networks, and allows discussion/collaboration amongst participants. This is particularly useful in cultures where it is not customary to speak up.

It’s also a really great way to save printing costs and admin time by not printing course materials and collecting all your feedback electronically.

I’ve lost my password
No problem. Please click on the Sign In above, then click on “Lost Password?” on the login screen.

Do attendees need to install an app or download anything?
No. Everything is web-based so there is nothing to install and any web-enabled device can access Prezentt.

What about video?
Prezentt shows an image of your slides that can be used for taking notes.

To include videos, you simply upload the video file itself, the full PowerPoint slide deck, or paste links to YouTube or another video service.

How long will attendees have access to the training materials?

There are no time limits.  In the same way that attendees would always have access to paper notes you give them, all attendees have ongoing access to all the training materials you provide through Prezentt.

Pricing – what are the options?
Prezentt is free forever for attendees. Use our Pricing Guide to compare versions & pricing.

Who pays for Prezentt?
Trainers, Lecturers, Universities or Training Companies. Attendees use Prezentt free forever.

I’ve thought of a good idea for Prezentt – what should I do?
Please do tell us about it! We keep track of all of our customers’ suggestions and implement those that are most requested.

I’m a developer and I’d like to integrate to Prezentt – can you help?
Sure can! Just contact us….

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